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Name:Mr. Erwin Alfian [Marketing]
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Google Talk:  erwin@noxindo.com  erwin@noxindo.com
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Erwin Alfian at Jakarta
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Erwin Alfian at Jakarta
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Erwin Alfian at Jakarta
Address:Rukan Fatmawati Festival Blok D No.2, Jl. R.S Fatmawati (Seberang RS. Fatmawati)
Jakarta 12430, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Jun. 28, 2013
Last Updated:Jun. 28, 2013
Business Nature:Trade of Electronics & Electrical category

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Company Brief

We are in business of Cables Supplier in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Contact : Bp Erwin Alfian ( 081320251940 ; erwin@ noxindo.com)

Product range:
- Electric Cables
- Telecommunication Cables,
- Control, Instrumentation and Electronic Cables
- Data Cables
- Bare copper or Bare alumunium

Rating Voltage :
- 0, 6/ 1kV
- 3, 6/ 6 kV
- 6/ 20 kV
- 12/ 20 kV

Type of Product:
A. Tipe Kabel Tembaga seperti :

B. Kabel Alumunium seperti NAYY, NA2XY, NA2XFGbY.

C. Kabel Data : Cat 5E [ UTP / STP] , Cat 6 [ UTP] , Fiber Optic
D. Kabel Control : YSLY, YSLCY-JZ, 1032A ( 18 AWG 1 pair) , 1063A ( 16 AWG 1 pair) , 8472, LiYCY-JZ, LiYCY-OZ, LiYY/ LiYCY-O cores twisted in pairs, Li2YCY-PiMF, Li2Y( ST) Y-PiMF.

E. Indoor Telephone Cable, Outdoor Telephone Cable, Jelly Armoured ( Direct Burial)

F. Accessories
- Cable Tray : Traytek
- Konektor : RJ45 ( Merk AMP) .

Supreme, Kabel Metal, Kabelindo, Jembo, Voksel, Extrana, Eterna, Belden, Systimax, Draka, IMC, Delta, Titanex, Prysmian.

______Bare Conductors
[ # Aluminium]
- AAC * All Aluminium Conductor ( AAC) 16-1000 mm2
- AAAC * All Aluminium Alloy Conductor ( AAAC) 16-1000 mm2
- AAAC - S * Self Supporting Overhead Distribution 35-240 mm2
- ACSR * Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced ( ACSR)
- TACSR/ AS * Thermal Resistant Aluminium Alloy / Aluminium Clad Steel Cone

[ # Copper]
- BCC overhead power distribution and transmission earthing purpose

- PVC-OS-PVC Instrumentation ( in Paired)
- PE-OS-PVC Instrumentation analogue and digital signals ( in Paired)
- PE/ ISOS/ SWA/ PVC Transmission of analogue and digital signals
- CU/ PE/ OS/ PVC/ SWA/ PVC Multipair Armoured PE Insulated Instrumentation Cable

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